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Giustino Caposciutti/Tea Taramino         Plural Art

... in his work as an art educator in 1975 he met the art of people with mental disabilities.
He is fascinated by it and since then he has dedicated a large part of his work to activities, first in the laboratory, at a large center in the Vallette district of Turin and later on promoting them through exhibitions and other events ...

 After a first exhibition, from the long gestation, of 1985, Segni Communicanti, and subsequent Communicate with painting 1986, Seeked and found 1986 at Palazzo a Vela di Torino the long journey of integration of disabled artists, full of successes but also full of obstacles because the official world of culture did not recognize this art, the turning point came when in 1993, together with Tea Taramino, Gianni Callegari, an official of the Province of Turin, Gianfranco Billotti, gallerista, gave life to "I painted with ..." .
Each disabled artist was joined in the work by a professional artist and together they made a work that was then exhibited in an exhibition and sold at auction for charity.
This formula was so successful that it was later adopted by many other facilities and services for people in need. It was repeated annually, edited by Tea Taramino and in 2007 assumed the name of Plural Art.
If, at present, the art of people with psychic disability enjoys a real consideration, it is largely due to all this journey begun over 40 years ago in Turin.

Giustino Caposciutti/Angela Cirignotta- Sentieri- 2009- Ricamo su juta- Opera esposta ad Arte  Plurale 2009 presso la Promotrice Belle Arti di Torino cm.45x50

   Girolamo della Malva detto il Giorgino - Gli amanti -1978 - Pennarelli su carta

            Giustino Caposciutti/Attilio Bennato - Senza titolo 1997- Acrilico su tela cm 130x80

                                                                                                                                                     ... Giustino Caposciutti 2018 ...