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... "First of all I would like to express my thoughts on art, now dictated by at least 50 years of activity in the art world, both as an artist, but also an artistic educator, gallery owner, auctioneer, exhibition curator, theorist, promoter of events and movements (Participatory Art, Plural Art, Heart Art ...)
My thought is this: art is either avant-garde, innovative, or it is not art!
"Avanguardia" is a word borrowed from military jargon and indicates advanced troops with the aim of crossing borders and conquering new territories. In my opinion, art must fundamentally have this characteristic, otherwise we can not define it as "art".
Regarding the BioŚArt, which I'm dedicating to in recent years, it fully responds to this premise as it goes to occupy a space, a territory left uncultivated, neglected by the various disciplines, science, medicine and even art same ... "                          Giustino Caposciutti interviewed by Laura Bondi

... BioŚArt:
Art that heals ... Art, represents the most advanced point
in the contemporary artistic scenary.
Art widens its field of interest going beyond art therapy
commonly understood in the psychological sense invading the field
of physical well-being. In fact BioŚArt proposes solutions (the BioŚArt artwork) to protect against electromagnetic pollution. The invention of the artwork is patented


"I have been experimenting with the BioŚArt framework for about 2 weeks.
By comparing my health before and after the installation of the framework, these are my impressions:
1- The number of night awakenings has decreased from 2 to 1 and in some nights to none.
2- Sleep seems to me deeper and more restful.
3- Snoring almost disappeared, first snoring at high levels.
4- During the day I feel less tired and more lucid. "
Valentino B. - Arezzo, 27/05/2015

  "I have been experimenting with the BioŚArt framework for about 7 months.
My considerations are as follows:
1- Physical and mental energies are greatly increased
2- Tachycardia gradually disappeared
3- Disappearance of the "legs without rest" disorder
4- Improved and normalized blood tests (the immune defenses were previously low)
5-I have not had major flu attacks yet, whereas in previous years I was subject to influence. "
Cristina V. - Turin 19/01/2016

"I learned of the existence of these paintings by Giustino and Giovanni from a mutual friend, with whom I was complaining because 'I always sleep very light and I usually wake up four to five times a night, often struggling to get back to sleep.
According to this person, it can be the effect of electrosmog, and he says: "Why 'do not ask Giustino to let you try that picture he has developed and which cancels / absorbs / attenuates the electrosmog of the environment in which you hang it. ? "

Immediately telephone, and after a couple of days I receive the painting, which I hang at the foot of the bed, or in front of it.  The first night I fell asleep immediately, woke up only twice, just enough time to go to the bathroom and back, then in the morning I slept a bit 'more than usual.

So in the evening I wanted to check the thing precisely and I wore the bracelet that my husband bought recently to monitor sleep. Putting it earlier had resulted in I sleep an average of 5/6 hours per night, with a total of 1 hour and 40 of deep sleep, the rest light sleep and several awakenings.
With the picture in the room, sleep was very different, with 3 and a half hours of deep sleep (almost doubled) and total sleep 7 hours and 50.
I'm really happy, also because 'I had no idea that this discomfort depended on the environment, I thought it was caused by the age that advances inexorable, while the problem is solved immediately and happily by just hanging this cute picture.
Emanuela N. - Alghero 4 Sept. 2015

"I hung the picture in the bedroom on January 20, 2017 and the main reason was because I suffered for a year and a half of insomnia.
Difficulty falling asleep, agitation, legs without rest, continuous awakenings and then after two / three in the morning I could not sleep anymore.
As a result I was always nervous, irascible, tired, unmotivated.
After work I could not wait to get home to try and get some sleep at least.
I had tried all of them: from the "sweet" treatments of herbal medicine and pharmacy to the slightly heavier tablets which, however, made my psychic mood worse.
A friend told me about the pictures BioŚArt and I, despite a bit 'skeptical, I decided to try this too.
I noticed the difference from the night of January 23rd! But I did not want to sing victory right away.
Instead, today, after 12 days, besides celebrating the end of insomnia, I would like to talk about other benefits that surprise me so much!
I rediscovered such energy that I no longer remembered how it could be.
I found the motivation to study, dance and do gymnastics the evening after work.
I can concentrate again as I have not been able to do so for a long time and I feel more psychologically balanced.
It is as if something first took away all the energy and now it is free and is again available to me.
I am very happy and I would like to have found this solution much sooner. I recommend it not only to those who live near me
to repeating antennas for mobile telephony, but to everyone, because we are always exposed to electromagnetic pollution,
whether it's where we work or when we travel, at least being able to protect ourselves in our homes and resting at night is a right that we should secure. Thanks Giustino and Giovanni. "

Simona S. – Sabaudia 01/02/2017

Quadro BioŚArt 2018 - tela detessuta, acrilico, legno, metalli - cm. 33x33x6

                                                                                                                                                     ... Giustino Caposciutti 2018 ...